Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Today: Third Party

Despite my desire to see John McCain and his brand of neocon-Republicanism soundly defeated, I can’t stand the idea of awarding my vote to his leftist, black-nationalist adversary Barack Obama. I’ll therefore do in this presidential race what I’ve done in every other presidential contest since 1992, that is, cast my ballot for neither national party . . .

I may vote for Chuck Baldwin. I am fully aware that Baldwin, who is a dignified, grammatical speaker as well as a pious Evangelical Christian, cannot possibly win the presidential race. But I am not voting for him because I think he could ever win this squalid, media-rigged contest. I support Baldwin because he is someone whose views I agree with and whose person and demeanor I respect. And I see in Baldwin a presidential candidate who would be suited for a less degenerate society than our own. He is the closest approximation to the kind of American leaders of an earlier generation whom I could admire, and since neither presidential frontrunner is a figure I would ever want to see in the presidency, I shall endorse my ideal instead of an odious caricature.

Thank you very much.

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