Saturday, September 22, 2007

Aletheia Sharbel Liu - Day 3

Day 3, Lesson 2: Though a father-to-be will be told roughly 67 times before it actually happens, he will not really understand that leaving a child exposed to cool air when changing her diaper is not particularly wise, until he unwisely leaves his child exposed to cool air when changing her diaper.

Lesson 2, Corollary 1: A new father's wisdom increases in proportion to his child's ability to pee in defiance of a system's gravitational potential energy.

Lesson 2, Corollary 2: A newborn who is breastfeeding well will rarely just pee.

Lesson 2, Corollary 2 led to Aletheia's second bath tonight.
Her first is pictured below:

You don't want to see why she needed her second.

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