Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Since Obama Will Win Today . . .

. . . I am reminded of this earlier post (be sure to visit the link).
How did I know?

On another note:

Even assuming that Obama deals ruthlessly with moral and social traditionalists as I have no doubt that he and his congressional allies would, it is quite possible that some good may come out of this election: Obama may land up creating what Sam Francis called “anarcho-tyranny,” a regime that recklessly meddles into all traditional social relations while allowing underclass thugs and undocumented vagrants to take over our streets, and this would fuel a nasty backlash in due course. Under McCain we may move in the same direction more slowly, while getting entangled in imbroglios with Iran, Russia and other countries along the way. I strongly suspect that McCain would push us toward the kind of screwed-up society that Obama and the multicultural Left are trying to build, but he would do so by stages, while David Brooks and David Frum would describe his policies as “moderate conservatism” in the New York Times and The Weekly Standard.

If a crisis of the regime must or should come, let’s get it to it now! But given my utter repugnance for the new Holy Family and their sicko adorers in the universities and media, I wish no part in electing the all but inevitable next president.

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