Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Induced Abortions for Oregonians

In 2003: 12,622
In 2004: 11,443
In 2005: 11,602
In 2006: 12,246
In 2007: 11,663

Induced abortion is the intentional killing of innocent human life. Oregonians chose to intentionally kill *at least* (the data is voluntarily reported) 59,576 innocent human beings over the past 5 years, excluding 2008.

A quick scan indicates the majority of these elective killings were chosen by women between the ages of 20-24, with the next highest rate of killing elected by 25-29 year old adults. A vast majority are never-married, non-Hispanic whites.

Adult white women are the mass murderers of our time.

Freedom of choice: doesn't it make you proud?

I wonder how many of these induced killings occurred at Catholic health care facilities? Anyone want to review the data? How about tubal ligation's or IVF procedures?

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