Sunday, October 12, 2008

Supernatural Power

Priests are not like the rest of us. As if that were not obvious. Wait: that does not seem to be obvious. So I say it again: priests are not like the rest of us. When I go around consecrating and blessing things, my wife - rightly - punches me in the ear. When a priest consecrates and blesses something, it becomes set apart for sacred use: this is because priests have supernatural power. This power is not of their own, it is not "magic" or a person casting a spell: no, when a priest blesses something or someone he is bestowing good from outside nature: supernatural good from God.

The implication, by the way, is that when Catholics approach the altar in the communion line, and instead receive a "blessing" from an extraordinary Eucharistic minister, it is just not the same. Think about that next time. There really is a good reason why more people line up on the "priest's side" to receive.

. . . on second thought: I do not mean to say "think about that next time" you are at the Sacred Mysteries. I mean "think about that next time" when appropriate. Just a point of clarification.

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