Sunday, May 11, 2008

Unexpected Meditation XVII

Loneliness is an intrinsic aspect of healthy personality. There is and must be in all of us somewhere an interior, deep loneliness. We cannot escape this. All of our relatedness to others, good and necessary though they be, will never erase the basic loneliness that is also about us.

Loneliness, then, is the sign that we are never satisfied with any earthly love or work, a sign of the dignity of our creation. This too is why we must be somewhat skeptical about all enthusiasms and friendships which are conceived in terms of removing this fundamental loneliness. Should they succeed, they can only end up by making our lives more shallow. We are made for something else, yet this too.

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kittu said...

I like the message of this article, we all want to go away from this loneliness, that's why we make friends, we go in clubs, parties but in deep of their heart everyon knows this fact that we are alone.
But if one can enjoy this loneliness, this will no more be called a loneliness, then this will be aloneness.
And one can never suffer with aloneness, rather he enjoys.
I read one article on the same topic in soul curry magazine.