Sunday, January 20, 2008

Political Orphans Redux

Whatever and however the candidates are chosen this year, the choice can only be between the welfare state party of international socialism and the welfare state party of global capitalism. For Christian conservatives and traditionalists, that is no choice.

In a vast continental empire the size of the United States, there is no way for a major party to take account of the true interests of the nation, which may be regional, socioeconomic (farmers versus bankers), or even ethnic and religious. The very size of the country encourages politicians and parties to adopt ideological slogans that trick voters into thinking that the Democrats really want to help poor blacks or that Republicans are trying to protect innocent life and save Western civilization, when, in either case, nothing could be further from the truth.

Truthfully, the American people have never been so politically powerless as they are today. While retail politics may be undesirable to the politician, with congressional districts now approaching an average population of 700,000, and with the population of medium-sized states reaching 6-7 million, it is impossible.

I suppose if you are going to vote then you are voting socialist. If you are going to vote socialist, then, at least vote for the street-and-sewer socialism of the old Midwestern Progressives instead of the globalist socialism of the Wall Street Journal.

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