Saturday, November 17, 2007

One Reason I am Catholic

It kinda just makes me laugh. Is that bad?


Carrie said...

It only 'kinda' makes you laugh?

verily prosaic said...

Well, hey Carrie. Is that you I see in the background?

Papa said...

Is that bad? Yeah, I think it is.

I grew up in the protestant Pentecostal movement, and although I didn't see too many spectacles like that one, I have a bit of experience with people who act under the "power of the Spirit", such as the gibberish "speaking in tongues" and the like. Perhaps I'm compelled to respond because many of those were people I loved.

Those folks in that video are making fools of themselves, and are probably aware of it. The are very likely seriously misguided about a lot of things, but so am I; at least they are courageous enough to abandon their pride and die to self. We are not called to be cool.

Indulgent overemotionalism is clearly to be avoided, but so is pride. Was King David overly emotional? He danced before the Lord with all his might. Didn't he? How is that different?

Ridiculing the sincere expression of spiritual joy is shameful, but, to their credit, I don't think the people in that video would really mind.

(And THAT, my friends, is how you lay a guilt trip.)

verily prosaic said...

Well done "Papa" - only - what makes you think I am ridiculing?

Papa said...

Because that's what I would have been doing. Duh.