Friday, October 12, 2007

Proof that the Japanese Are Absolutely Insane

I mean it. This video - meant to teach the Japanese public Engrish - is absolute proof that radiation mutates genes. The United States may be an empire, but some people just cry out to be subjugated:

To truly appreciate this, you have to watch the video twice.
Question: what is around the robber's nose?


Papa said...

This video has caused me to spit finely ground bits of carrot onto my computer monitor. This is unacceptable.

Papa said...

One more thing. I'm actually ashamed for Japan. I literally feel bad. For the entire country. Remember that Miss South Carolina contestant with the brain-freeze? And such as? That poor girl, she probably hadn't eaten anything but rice cakes and Rockstar for 19 days. I felt bad for her, and that story is somehow linked to the insipidity of Japan in a way that I have now forgotten. So in conclusion, internet videos are funny.

verily prosaic said...

Yes, in conclusion, please conclude there.