Saturday, September 22, 2007

Aletheia Sharbel Liu - About Her Name

It's fairly simple really:

Aletheia: (ἀλήθεια) is Greek for "truth" in the sense of the unveiledness and self-revelation of reality to persons. This has somewhat more depth than the Ciceronian Latin veritas in that it speaks more completely to the ultimately personal structure of being. In short, it is truth in the sense of how one gets to the heart of things. It is truth insofar as truth expresses the most profound, dramatic relationship between the cognitive soul and reality. It is truth in the sense of what happens when beauty is unveiled. Christians call this beauty "glory" and its enveiledness is the self-revelation of the ultimate personal reality: God.

Sharbel: A modern link to the ancient anchorite tradition of the early Church Fathers. Perhaps the most telling reason we picked his name for our daughter is his witness to the silent, hidden life of prayer; a testament of devotion. His humility was so great, in fact, that upon his death this is how little was written of him by his superior:
On this day, the 24th of December 1898, Father Sharbel of Bekaa-Kafra, the Hermit, died of a stroke in the mercy of God after receiving the Sacraments of the Church. He was buried in the graveyard of the monastery at 68 years of age when Father Antonios Mishmeshani was the Superior. Because of what he [Sharbel] is going to accomplish after his death, I excuse myself from giving details of his life, especially in regard to the extent to which he kept his vows so that we can say his obedience was angelic and not human.
His works after death - needless to say - have been extraordinary.

Liu: A witness to the importance of family and tradition - Lizz's mother's maiden name (Taiwanese).

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